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Celebrate Christmas with WAKEARI!

Indulge in a variety of Japanese festive treats, from melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu Beef, sweet, juicy lobsters to classic Japanese desserts, sweets and exquisite wine. Celebrate Christmas at home can be fun and exciting as well, be it you want to hold a party or enjoy a silent night in, WAKEARI got you covered.

Treat yourself and your loved ones

Our Japanese-themed gift sets are the perfect gifts for your love ones and foodie friends this Christmas. Experience Christmas this year with authentic snacks, confectionary and food sourced directly from Japan.

Meat & Poultry

For your Christmas and New Year Dinner Parties!

Liquor & Sake

A series of chuhai, liquor and sake from Japan.

Party Snacks

Exclusive, rare snacks directly imported from Japan, definitely a treat over a bonding conversation.

Desserts & Cakes

Cherry on top of after your hearty Family Dinner 😀