You are currently viewing New Year Osechi Ryori opening for Preorder on KODAWARI!

New Year Osechi Ryori opening for Preorder on KODAWARI!

Osechi Ryori (御節料理, お節料理 or おせち) are traditional Japanese food that are commonly eaten together with family members during the New Year. The traditional Japanese food is usually placed in a 3-tier bento box called jubako  (重箱), which gives off a treasure chest vibe.

It is a very important tradition in Japan, where osechi ryori represents well wishes for the new year, symbolizes a great new year ahead. 

KODAWARI SG is excited to announce that Premium Hokkaido Seafood Osechi Set 海鮮おせち三段重 is back this year after receiving huge positive feedback from our customers last year. We are excited to once again collaborate with Kita no Ryoshizen (Northern Fisherman) 北の漁師膳, bringing you delicious and exquisite seafood osechi (北の贅沢おせち) from Hokkaido to your doorsteps in Singapore!

The Premium Hokkaido Seafood Osechi Set will come in 3 tiers, with the ingredients listed below:

  • 【壱の重】たこやわらか煮/ローズサーモン/生たきしらすくるみ佃煮/栗きんとん/黒豆/ほたて入り伊達巻/北海しまえび/味付数の子/かき佃煮
  • 【弐の重】たたきごぼう/いくら醤油漬/ほたてマリーネ/ずわいがに/ふぐ松前漬/秋鮭昆布巻/うにのゼリー寄せかに身入り
  • 【参の重】紅ずわいがにおこわ/鰤の照焼笹寿司/鮭の味噌焼笹寿司
  • 【別添付】きんき姿煮
  • 【First layer】Soft Boiled Tako, Rose Salmon, Raw Shirasu Tsukudani, Chestnut Kinton, Black Beans, Datemaki with Scallops, Hokkai Shimaebi, Seasoned Kazunoko, Kaki Tsukudani
  • 【Second layer】Tataki Gobo, Salmon Roe Pickled in Soy Sauce, Hotate Marine, Snow Crab, Fugu Matsumaezuke, Autumn Salmon Konbu Maki, Uni Jelly
  • 【Third layer】Benizuwai Gani Okowa, Teriyaki Sasa Sushi of Yellowtail, Miso Yaki Sasa Sushi of Salmon
  • 【Addition】Boiled Kinki

Each ingredient is thoughtfully included into the osechi set as they also hold special meanings and positivity to the New Year. Some of the examples:

  • Datemaki with scallops (ほたて入り伊達巻), which is sweet rolled omelette mixed with fish paste and scallops represent a good wish for many auspicious days.
  • Autumn Salmon Konbu Maki (秋鮭昆布巻), which is associated with the term 喜ぶ /Yorokobu, meaning joy and happiness for the new year.
  • Shimaebi from Hokkaido (北海しまえび), symbolizes longevity, because of the shape of ebi/prawn, which has a bent waist and long bear.
  • Black beans (黒豆) represents good health, as black beans is pronounced as kuromame in Japanese, and mame also means health.
  • Red Kinki (きんき) and Red Sea Bream, symbolizes an auspicious event. 

Aside from Osechi set, this year, we are also glad to have the opportunity to collaborate with Ibaraki Prefectural Government, bringing you this healthy and flavorful Golden Dashi Konjiki Soba 金色だしそば河津庵, which is suitable to be eaten as toshi koshi soba (年越し蕎麦), symbolises a long life, health and energy for the upcoming new year. 

Frequently Asked Questions | よくある質問

Question: Can I purchase other things along with Osechi?
Answer: Osechi sets cannot be purchased with other products unless items are listed under NEW YEAR PREORDER | 迎春コーナー category (even though you can select other items but kindly don’t add them into your cart).

Question: Are the content the same as shown in the image?
Answer: Yes, however content might change slightly depending on the purchase condition in Hokkaido.

Question: What are the delivery dates for Osechi?
Answer: You can choose to get the osechi delivered to your house on 29th, 30th or 31st December, or pick up yourself on 31st December (09:00-17:00) at 56 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore 738464 (we strongly advise for you to come in a car)

*Pickup will only be available provided delivery slots are full on 31st December 2021.

Question: Do I need to pay for delivery fee?
Answer: Osechi delivery is free! However please refrain from ordering other products along with the osechi. For customers who are purchasing osechi, we will open add-on purchases with free delivery option a week before your osechi delivery, so please feel free to purchase additional items when the time comes 🙂

Question: Can I get a refund if something came up?
Answer: All New Year Preorders are non-refundable, we hope to seek your understanding 😀

Question: What do I need to prepare when Osechi arrives?
Answer: Refrigeration space! Osechi set is big and should be stored in the freezer if you are not eating straight away (box size: 21cm x 21cm x 20.5cm)

If you have more questions about Osechi preorder, do email us at

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