【50% OFF】Ajirushi Umi no Shokudo Shrimp Mayo Salad 100g / AJIRUSHI 海の食堂 エビのマヨサラダ

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  • Umi no Shokudo Series – Shrimp Mayo Salad
  • The “Umi no Shokudo” series consists of edible-sized side dishes with the thought of making seafood side dishes more accessible to everyone
  • Boiled shrimp with a crispy texture, mixed with onions and flavored kamaboko and mayonnaise
  • It has a mellow and sweet taste!
  • You can eat it as it is, so you can enjoy it as a side dish for a busy morning, or you can combine it with lettuce and arrange it into a luxurious salad
  • Ingredients: Shrimp, onion, fish meat (tara, hoki), edible vegetable fats and oils, brewed vinegar, salt, egg yolk, starch, egg white powder, sugar, fructose grape sugar liquid sugar, blue sugar, egg white, fermented seasoning, glue extract, reduced water candy, Gelatin, scallop extract, wine, lemon juice / processed starch, thickener (processed starch, thickening polysaccharide), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), glycine, trehalose, emulsifier, coloring agent (red koji, paprika pigment), Fragrances, pH adjusters, spice extracts, (some include shrimp, crab, wheat, eggs, milk components, gelatin, soybeans, pigs, apples, fish sauce (seafood))
  • Size: 100g
  • Product will be delivered in frozen condition

  • もっと手軽に海の幸を食べてほしいという思いから生まれた、食べきりサイズのお惣菜「海の食堂」シリーズ。
  • ぷりっとした食感にボイルしたえびに玉ねぎとかに風味かまぼこを加え、マヨネーズ風のソースで和えました。こくと甘みがある、まろやかな味わいです。
  • そのまま食べられるので忙しい朝のおかずとしても、レタスなどを合わせて豪華なサラダにアレンジしても、おいしくお召し上がりいただけます。
  • 原材料:えび、玉葱、魚肉(たら、ほき)、食用植物油脂、醸造酢、食塩、卵黄、でん粉、卵白粉末、砂糖、果糖ぶどう糖液糖、あおさ、卵白、発酵調味料、かにエキス、還元水あめ、ゼラチン、帆立エキス、ワイン、レモン果汁/加工でん粉、増粘剤(加工でん粉、増粘多糖類)、調味料(アミノ酸等)、グリシン、トレハロース、乳化剤、着色料(紅麹、パプリカ色素)、香料、pH調整剤、香辛料抽出物、(一部にえび・かに・小麦・卵・乳成分・ゼラチン・大豆・豚・りんご・魚醤(魚介類)を含む)
  • 【規格・入数】100g


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