Imuraya + Gilco Assorted Ice Cream Pack (4 Types of Japanese Ice Cream)

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【CLEARANCE SALE】Imuraya Yawamochi Tsubuan Milk Cup (80mlx4) / やわもちアイス つぶあんミルク

  • Imuraya Yawamochi Tsubuan Milk Cup
  • Japanese sweets ice cream with soft bean paste and milk ice cream
  • There's mochi balls topped on the soft red bean paste as well
  • It's overall a very gentle ice cream cup, as the milk-based ice cream and mochi balls balance out the sweetness from the red bean paste
  • Nice to eat on a hot day, and after meals!
  • Amount: 4 cups per box, 80ml per cup

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【CLEARANCE SALE】Imuraya Yawamochi Kuromitsu Kinako Cup (Black Honey Roasted Soybean Flavor) 80mlx4 / やわもちアイス 黒蜜きなこ

  • Imuraya Yawamochi Kuromitsu Kinako Cup
  • Japanese sweets ice cream with soft mochi balls, black honey sauce and Kinako (Roasted Soybean) ice cream from Kyoto!
  • Mild natural sweetness from the black honey sauce goes perfectly with the kinako ice cream base, and the mochi just gives it a sticky chewy texture
  • The perfect size for desserts and sharing :)
  • Amount: 4 cups per box, 80ml per cup

  • やわらかおもちに黒みつソースと京きなこアイスの和スイーツアイスです。
  • ちょっと甘いものが食べたいときや、家族で分けあって食べたいときにピッタリのサイズです。

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【CLEARANCE SALE】Imuraya Dorayaki Kasanel Ice Vanilla (62ml) / KASANEL どらやきロールアイス バニラ

  • Imuraya Dorayaki Kasanel Ice Vanilla
  • A combination of dorayaki skin, rich creamy vanilla ice cream and sweet red bean paste
  • Enjoy the fluffy dorayaki skin with ice cream and red bean!
  • Amount: 62ml per piece

  • つぶあん2倍に増量でリニューアル!
  • どらやき生地と濃厚バニラアイスと甘いつぶあんの組み合わせ。

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【CLEARANCE SALE】Gilco Palitte Vanilla and Chocolate (1pc) / Gilco パリッテ バニラ&ショコラ

  • Vanilla and Chocolate mix ice cream cone that comes with creamy chocolate and vanilla richness and crispy cone texture
  • The chocolate is the bittersweet type so it really gives off a nice overall flavor

  • パリパリ食感のチョコが中までたっぷり入った、チョコ・アイス・コーンが織り成すスイーツのようなおいしさが楽しめるコーンアイスです。
  • 香ばしいワッフルコーンでさらに贅沢なおいしさになりました。

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