Oyatsu BabyStar Big Ramen Ebichiri / ベビースタードデカイラーメン エビチリ味 チコちゃん

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ベビースタードデカイラーメン エビチリ味 チコちゃん


“Wheat flour (domestic production), vegetable oil, shrimp flavor powder, sugar, shrimp powder, salt, spices, powdered oil, powdered egg, meat seasoning extract, vegetable extract, protein hydrolyzate, meat seasoning powder / processed starch, seasoning (Amino acids, etc.), flavors, antioxidants (vitamin E), acidulants, sweeteners (Stevia), paprika pigments, emulsifiers, spice extracts, (partially eggs, wheat, shrimp, sesame, soy, chicken, pork) ・ Including gelatin)
● How to save: Avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid place. “


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