Tohato Bokun Habanero Rice Cracker / 東ハト暴君ハバネロ 暴おかき


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東ハト暴君ハバネロ 暴おかき


Starch, rice flour (domestic), soy sauce flavor seasoning (soy sauce, sugar, bonito extract seasoning, kelp extract, salt, protein hydrolyzate, bonito extract powder), pepper, salt, garlic powder, sugar, onion powder, yeast extract Powder, glucose, vegetable extract powder, protein hydrolyzate, chili powder, lactose, chicken powder, white pepper powder, paprika powder, cumin powder, habanero paste/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), processed starch, carotenoid pigment, Ca carbonate, Spice extract, fragrance, acidulant, caramel color


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