【EXCLUSIVE】 Buri Daikon Ingredient Pack / ぶり大根セット

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【Fresh!】Frozen Miyazaki Yellow Tail Collar (Buri Kama) 1pc / 肉厚!宮崎県産 鰤カマ ぶり大根・鰤照り焼きなど用途色々♪ × 2

  • Exclusive Yellow Tail with generous fat from Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
  • Preserve the freshness and sweetness of the fillet via special blood removal method, resulting the fillet to have a pure white appearance
  • Perfect for grilling with salt or teriyaki sauce
  • Amount: 190-210g per piece
  • Will be delivered in frozen condition

  • 黒瀬鰤で有名な宮崎県産の鰤原料から取ったのカマを凍結した商品です、通常は身の部分を大きく取るためカマにはあまり身が残らないのですが
  • メーカーさんに頼み込んで肉の部分を多く残してもらいました
  • よく脂が乗っているので塩焼きがオススメです
  • 【産地】宮崎県
  • 【規格・入数】1pc 190〜210g
  • 【調理方法】 加熱してお召し上がり下さい

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Radish (Daikon) from Aomori (L size) / 青森県 大根

  • Radish from Aomori
  • Aomori is one of the top radish yielding prefectures in the entire Japan
  • Perfect for simmered dishes, or adding into miso soup, sides for grilled seafood
  • Amount: 1 radish per pack

  • 青森県 大根
  • 日本の大根ならではの甘みをお楽しみください
  • 【規格・入数】1枚入

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Carrot from Tokushima (M size) 1pc / 德岛県産 人参

  • Tokushima Carrot
  • Goes great with oil-based dishes such as tempura, kinpira, sautee with butter, stir fry and salad dressing
  • You can also grate them and make them into desserts such as carrot flavor daifuku!
  • Size: M
  • How to store Tokushima carrots: Place them in a plastic bag and keep them refrigerated

  • 人参(にんじん)
  • にんじんに含むカロテンを上手に摂るには油を使った料理がお勧めです。
  • てんぷら、きんぴら、バターソテー、炒め物、油入りドレッシングでサラダなどにすると良いでしょう。
  • 【規格・入数】M size
  • ポリ袋に入れ、冷蔵庫の野菜室で立てて保存します。

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Buri Daikon is a very heartwarming dish, featuring the buri (yellowtail) simmered in water, sugar, sake and shoyu to create a very refreshing dashi! Daikon is then added into the dish, absorbing the dashi and also giving out a natural vegetable sweetness to the dish! Winter is also the season for Buri, so please do enjoy some great quality Buri Kama along with imported radish from Aomori & Carrots from Tokushima 🙂


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