Fujiya Country Ma’am Vannila & Ichigo no Cheese Cake / カントリーマアム バニラ&苺のチーズケーキ

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カントリーマアム バニラ&苺のチーズケーキ


Flour, sugar, vegetable oils and fats, chocolate chips (including milk components), reduced starch syrup, eggs, white bean jam (including milk components), full-fat soybean powder, skim milk powder, starch syrup, salt, egg yolks (egg Included), whole milk powder, foods / milk made from milk, etc. as main ingredients, emulsifiers (derived from milk / wheat / soybeans), fragrances (derived from milk / soybeans), stabilizers (modified starch), leavening agents, caramel pigments Wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, sugar, reduced starch syrup, chocolate chips (including milk ingredients and soybeans), cheese, eggs, full-fat soybean flour, starch syrup, salt, egg yolk (including eggs), whole milk powder, skim milk powder , Concentrated strawberry juice / modified starch, emulsifier (derived from soybean), stabilizer (modified starch), fragrance (derived from milk / soybean), expanding agent, colorant (red malt)


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