Drink Assort candy 60g / ロッテ ドリンクアソートキャンディ(袋) 60g

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ロッテ ドリンクアソートキャンディ(袋) 60g


Sugar, starch syrup, erythritol, pineapple juice powder, apple juice powder, reduced palatinose, royal jelly extract powder/acidulant, baking soda, vitamin C, niacin, flavor, pantothenic acid Ca, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, safflower pigment, vitamin B12, (including some soybeans/apples) Sugar, starch syrup, erythritol, concentrated orange juice, concentrated lemon juice, concentrated grapefruit juice, reduced palatinose, orange peel extract/acidulant, Baking soda, fragrance, paprika dye, (including orange in part) Sugar, starch syrup, erythritol, lemon juice powder, reduced palatinose/acidulant, baking soda, vitamin C, fragrance, safflower pigment, (partly (Including soybeans)


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