【 Clearance Sale! 】Fujiya Country Ma’am (Lemonade) 105g / 不二家うすやきカントリーマアム(レモネード)

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  • Fujiya Country Ma’am (Lemonade)
  • Uses refreshing Setouchi lemons, it has a refreshing lemon juice taste, paired with sweet honey that is mixed along with the dough
  • Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable oils and fats, sugar, reduced starch syrup, chocolate chips (including milk ingredients and soybeans), cheese, eggs, full-fat soybean powder, lemon juice, honey, candy, skim milk powder, salt, egg yolks (including eggs), whole Milk powder/modified starch, trehalose, emulsifier (derived from milk/soybean), paste (modified starch, xanthan), fragrance, expanding agent, carotenoid pigment
  • 105g

  • 不二家うすやきカントリーマアム(レモネード)
  • 「うすやきカントリーマアム レモネード」は、爽やかな酸味の瀬戸内レモンを使用。
  • すっきりとしたレモン果汁と、やさしい甘味のはちみつを生地に練り込んだレモネード風味になっているとのこと。
  • 105g


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