【 Clearance 50%OFF】Fujiya LOOK Lemon Tart 49g / FUJIYA 具材を味わうルック(実感レモンタルト)

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  • Fujiya LOOK Lemon Tart
  • You can enjoy the sourness of jelly lemon and the flavor of lemon, and the sweetness of chocolate is added to the sourness of the lemon, so the balance between sourness and sweetness is delicious.
  • Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable oils, lemon sauce, cacao mass, whole milk powder, candied lemon peel, cocoa butter, cookies (including milk ingredients and wheat), lactose, skim milk powder, alcoholic beverages/trehalose, emulsifiers (soybean origin), flavors (milk) ・Derived from soybeans, colorants (safflower yellow, gardenia), acidulants, leavening agents
  • 49g

  • FUJIYA 具材を味わうルック(実感レモンタルト)
  • ジュレのレモンの酸味とレモンの風味を味わえ、そのレモンの酸味にチョコレートの甘さがプラスされるので、酸味と甘さのバランスが美味しいです。
  • 個別包装されています。
  • 49g


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