Fujiya Milky Chitose Candy (Bag+ 4pcs of candies) / 美味しい不二家ミルキーの千歳飴袋と紅白飴2本セット!

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  • For the celebration of Shichigosan. “Chitose candy (red / white)” “Chitose candy bag”
  • Limited to WAKEARI, we will add one red and one white + one more! 2 red + 2 white in total
  • Milky Chitose candy that celebrates the celebration of ShichigosanWhat is Chitose candy? Chitose candy has the meaning of “May your child live longer”.
  • Since the Edo period, it has long been regarded as a lucky charm that “extends life”.
  • It is said that the ages of three, five, and seven are the milestones of a child’s difficult years and growth.
  • On the day of Shichigosan, we celebrate with Chitose candy and set meals with the wish of our parents to grow up healthy.
  • “Chitose candy” that you can choose from two colors, red and white. Also available as an optional Chitose candy bag
  • “Chitose candy (red)” and “Chitose candy (white)” are Chitose candy with rich milk flavor using fresh cream and milk from Hokkaido.
  • There are two colors, red and white. The separately sold Chitose candy bag (length 500 x width 145 mm) has auspicious designs such as crane turtles and Shochikuume.
  • Pack your favorite Chitose candy in a bag and give it as a gift to celebrate your child’s growth.

  • 七五三のお祝いに。「千歳飴(赤・白)」「千歳飴袋」
  • 七 五 三 のお祝 いを盛 り上 げるミルキーの 千 歳 飴
  • 千歳飴とは・・・千歳飴には「子供が長生きしますように」という意味があり、
  • 赤 と白 の 2 色 が選 べる「千 歳 飴 」。別 売 りの千 歳 飴 袋 もご用 意
    「千歳飴(赤)」「千歳飴(白)」は、北海道産の生クリームとれん乳を使った、ミルクの風味豊かな千歳飴です。色は赤・白の2 色があります。千歳飴袋(縦500×横 145 ㎜)は鶴亀、松竹梅など縁起の良いデザインです。お好みの千歳飴を袋に詰めて、お子様の成長のお祝いに贈りましょう。




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