FURUGURA Pineapple & Apple Smoothie / カルビーフルグラパインとりんごのスムージー味

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Oat, wheat flour, rye flour, sugar, coconut, dried fruits (pineapple, apple), maltodextrin, vegetable oil, rice flour, cornflower, water-soluble dietary fiber, soymilk (including soybeans), processed blueberries (including dairy ingredients) ), processed raspberry, almond, salt, brown rice flour, honey, wheat bran/glycerin, flavor, modified starch, acidulant, iron citrate Na, cellulose, emulsifier, antioxidant (vitamin E), sodium citrate, ascorbine Acid, niacin, Ca pantothenate, colorants (anthocyanin, gardenia), vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12


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