GLICO ICE NO MI Rich Grape/RichPeach/Rich Melon 12pcs / GLICO アイスの実/濃いぶどう・濃いもも・濃いメロン7MLx12

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GLICO アイスの実/濃いぶどう・濃いもも・濃いメロン7MLx12


Grape juice, sugar, starch syrup, dairy products, vegetable oils/stabilizers (thickening polysaccharides), fragrances, emulsifiers, acidulants, sweeteners (sucralose), (partly containing ingredients)
Mikan fruit juice, sugar , Starch syrup, dairy products, vegetable oils/flavors, stabilizers (thickening polysaccharides), emulsifiers, acidulants, carotene pigments, sweeteners (sucralose), (dairy products including some milk ingredients and oranges,
dairy products, Sugar, starch syrup, coffee, caramel sauce, vegetable oil, coffee paste/emulsifier, flavor, stabilizer (thickening polysaccharide), sweetener (sucralose), (including some dairy ingredients)


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