Gokeiji Daiginjo National New Sake Appraisal Gold Award Winning Sake / 御慶事 金賞受賞大吟醸 720ml

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  • Brewery: Aoki Sake Brewery
  • Production area: Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Brewing: Daiginjo
  • Raw rice: Yamada Nishiki (produced in Special A District, Hyogo Prefecture)
  • Raw Material: Rice, rice koji, brewing alcohol
  • Sake content: +2
  • Rice polishing ratio: 38%
  • Alcohol content: 17 %
  • Acidity: 1.2

This year’s All-Japan New Sake Appraisal Gold Award winning sake has been evaluated as the best sake in terms of taste, aroma, and balance.
“Yamada Nishiki” is a representative rice suitable for sake brewing. Among them, it is a very luxurious Daiginjo made by polishing the rice to 38% from “Hyogo Prefecture Special A District”, which is said to be the highest quality product.
Only one container from each brewery can be submitted to the All Japan New Sake Appraisal, so even if the quality of the raw materials is the same, sake in different tanks cannot be called gold prize winning sake (exhibited sake). Therefore, it is a daiginjo with a very high rarity value.
Won the “Ibaraki Trophy” next to the Grand Prix in the world’s largest wine competition “International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2022” in the SAKE category and Daiginjo category.
It is a gem that will not disappoint, with its gorgeous aroma and mellow and rich taste.

  • 蔵元:青木酒造
  • 産地:茨城県古河市
  • 造り:大吟醸
  • 原料米:山田錦(兵庫県特A地区産)
  • 原材料 : 米・米糀・醸造用アルコール
  • 日本酒度:+2
  • 精米歩合:38%
  • アルコール度:17度
  • 酸度:1.2



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