Hokkaido Inca no Mezame Potato (Awakening of Inca Potatoes) 1pc / インカのめざめ – 濃い黄色で、栗のような、カボチャのような味わい!

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  • Hokkaido Inca no Mezame Potato (Awakening of Inca Potatoes)
  • Yellow color flesh that tastes like chestnut and pumpkin, incredible flavor for a potato!
  • It has a higher sugar content as compared to other potatoes (6-8 degrees). Normal potatoes have around 5-6 degrees of sugar level
  • Texture and taste: Chewy, sticky, rich, fluffy and sweet
  • There are many ways to enjoy Hokkaido Inca no Mezame Potato
    • Make it into potato salad, as the sweetness and richness of the potato enhances the salad bowl
    • Fried potato balls! All you need is just some all purpose flour and some seasoning
    • Ingredients for consomme, the texture of the potatoes are very compatible with cream soup
  • Amount: 9 pieces per bag
  • Potato size: AS size
  • How to store the potatoes: Wrap them in newspapers and store it in your refrigerator for a longer shelf life. Kindly note that it’s strongly advise that you store in a cold environment as it sprouts easily if kept in room temperature

  •  インカのめざめ
  • 濃い黄色で、栗のような、カボチャのような味わい
  • だから、「ジャガイモ」+「栗」+「サツマイモ」の味?( ̄▽ ̄;この美味しさを、ぜひ、体験してみてくださいね!
  • 甘みと濃厚な味わいが特徴で、ねっとりした口当たりとさつまいものような食感があります。
  • 表皮は、普通のジャガイモとあまり変わらない色ですが、ひと回りほど小さめで、大きさに大小があります
  • インカのめざめ手軽の料理:ハーブポテト、タコとジャガイモサラダ、揚げイモ、インカのめざめのビシソワーズ!
  • 暖かいところへ保存すると、すぐに芽がでるため、ジャガイモが着いたらすぐ、新聞紙や、紙袋などに包んで、必ず冷蔵庫で保存してください。
  • 【規格・入数】~9 pcs/包


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