【 VEGAN FRIENDLY】Hokkaido Vegetarian Soy Jagapo Ball 10pcs / つるつる♪もちもち♪ジャガイモの生地で包み込んだじゃがぽぉ◎お得な10個パック♪お鍋の具材に♪

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  • Hokkaido Vegetarian Soy Jagapo (Potato-skin Vegetarian Soy Ball)
  • Jagapo is not dumplings or xiao long bao, it may looks like it but it’s very different due to the skin
  • Skin made from Hokkaido potatoes, wrapping a tender ball of beautifully seasoned soy-based filling with vegetables
  • Since it’s using potatoes as skin, it provides a very bouncy and chewy skin, while trapping all the juice from the filling (Please be careful while you eat it 🙂
  • Let’s just say that the skin taste like fluffy mochi, and when you take a bite, the juice from the filling just overflows like a Chinese dumpling (and you get the best of both worlds)
  • Try something new and exciting this Chinese new year with our Soy Meat Jagapo!
  • How to cook: Boil it along with your hot pot ingredients, once it floats on the surface then it’s done! 😀
  • Comes in 3 flavors: Original, Spicy and Cheese
  • Ps: We do not recommend frying this as it might explode due to the pressure inside the jagapo
  • Amount: 10 pieces per packet
  • Ingredient: Flour, starch, dried mashed potatoes, vegetable oil, salt, soy meat, cabbage, green onion, cooking sake, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, sugar, pepper

  • じゃがいも澱粉を使った特製の皮に、国産大豆を使ったソイミート、野菜を包み込んだ、素材全てが北海道産の冷凍食品です。
  • もち米を使っていないのにもちもち♪ つるつるの食感♪ 一度食べたらくせになる!お鍋やスープに合わせてお召し上がりください。
    【規格・入数】限定セット  10個入 ※オリジナル・十勝チーズ味・ピリ辛味からお好きなお味をお選びください。
  • 【調理方法】生製品なので、必ず沸騰したお湯に、冷凍のまま入れて下茹でしてください。しばらくすると浮き上がりますので(目安:7分くらい)、浮き上がったら弱火にして3~4分そのまま茹でて出来上がりです。



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