【POPULAR】Ibaraki Special Beniharuka Hoshi Imo (Dried Potato) 63g / 茨城県産べにはるかほしいも


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  • Ibaraki Special Beniharuka Hoshi Imo (Dried Potato)
  • Hoshiimo is dried sweet potatoes in Japanese
  • What we have here is the infamous Beniharuka Sweet Potato (Beni=Red, and Haruka=Far Superior)
  • So what’s so special about Beniharuka? It’s very popular because of its high sugar content, so even if it’s dried, it still has a very nice sweet potato flavor to it 🙂
  • Bright yellow skin, sticky-like texture, and the best part, it tastes absolutely amazing
  • If you are new to dried potatoes, feel free to try this out! It’s highly recommended for those who love hoshiimo and hoshiimo beginners
  • Ibaraki Hoshiimo is being made by steaming the potatoes for around 1-2 hours. Then the potatoes are being hand-peeled, sliced and dried under the sun for 4-5 days depending on the weather
  • No additives, no additional sugar added, it’s just some natural, awesome dried potatoes
  • Enjoy it as an afternoon snack, healthy and nutritious 🙂
  • Amount: 63g per packet
  • 茨城県産べにはるかほしいも
  • 近年、人気が高まっている品種です。
  • 明るい外観と強い甘みが特徴で、「ほしいも」が好きな方はもちろん、「ほしいも」を始めて食べる方にもおすすめです。
  • 名前は「はるかに優れている」事が由来。
  • 黄金色で食物繊維が非常に多く、食感も柔らかで上品な甘さが特徴のお芋です。
  • 砂糖不使用!無添加自然食品のため、さつまいも(サツマイモ/さつま芋)の個体差によって色や形、甘さ柔らかさに違いがございます。
  • 硬いと感じたら、レンジ等で干し芋を焼いて「焼き干し芋」(焼きほししいも)にしてお召し上がりいただくのもオススメです。
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  1. Irene Chuah

    Tasty! Can’t find in shopping centre

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