Imuraya Daifuku Tsubuan (Red Bean Paste) 4 pieces / 4コ入 大福 (つぶあん)


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  • A sticky and sticky dough made from domestically produced glutinous rice with a pestle, wrapped in a tasty bean paste.
  • You can enjoy it not only by natural thawing but also by thawing in a microwave oven for a short time.
  • Ingredients: Bean paste (red beans, sugar, starch syrup, salt) (made in Japan), glutinous rice, sugar, maltose, starch syrup / processed starch, enzymes
  • Amount: 204g, 4 pieces per pack
  • Product will be delivered in frozen condition

  • 国産もち米を杵つきで仕上げたもっちりと粘りのある生地で、風味の良いつぶあんを包みました。
  • 自然解凍だけではなく、電子レンジで時短解凍していただいても、おいしくお召し上がりいただけます。
  • 原材料: つぶあん(小豆、砂糖、水あめ、食塩)(国内製造)、もち米、砂糖、麦芽糖、水あめ/加工でん粉、酵素


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