Ippei chan Yomise no Yakisoba Wasabi Mayo Shoyu / 明星一平ちゃん夜店の焼そば わさびマヨ醤油味

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明星一平ちゃん夜店の焼そば わさびマヨ醤油味


Fried noodles (wheat flour (domestic production), vegetable oil and salt), sauce (semi-solid dressing with powdered wasabi, sugar, lard, soy sauce, salt, vegetable oil, flavor oil, pork and chicken extract, sauce, brewed vinegar, Flavor seasonings, protein hydrolysates, spices), oysters (cabbage), sprinkles (wasabi seasoning, sesame, seaweed, flavor seasonings, seaweed)/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), caramel pigments, calcium carbonate, Kansui, alcohol, thickening polysaccharides, fragrances, emulsifiers, gardenia pigments, antioxidants (vitamin E), safflower yellow pigment, magnesium carbonate, vitamin B2, acidulants, vitamin B1, (partly eggs, milk ingredients, wheat (Including beef, sesame, soybean, chicken, pork, apple, gelatin)


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