Kagome Yasaiseikatsu 100 Berry Salad Drink 200ml / カゴメ野菜生活100ベリーサラダ200g

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  • Kagome Yasaiseikatsu 100 Berry Salad Drink
  • “Vegetable Life 100” Berry Salad is a mixed juice of vegetables and fruits using 20 kinds of vegetables and 6 kinds of fruits.
  • While enjoying the mellow taste of grapes and three kinds of berries, you can take one serving of vegetables, vitamin A and polyphenols, so it is a vegetable drink that the whole family can easily supplement with vegetables.
  • Ingredient: Vegetables (carrot, purple potato, purple cabbage, red perilla, Japanese cabbage, broccoli, kale, asparagus, brussels sprout(Petit veil), parsley, celery, spinach, lettuce, pumpkin, watercress, beet, red bell pepper, cabbage, onion, Japanese raddish), fruit (apple, grape, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry) / citric acid, fragrance
  • Volume: 200g

  • カゴメ野菜生活100ベリーサラダ
  • 「野菜生活100」ベリーサラダは20種類の野菜と6種類の果実を使用した野菜果実ミックスジュースです。
  • ぶどうと3種類のベリーの芳醇な味わいを楽しみながら1食分の野菜とビタミンAとポリフェノールが摂れるので家族みんながおいしく手軽に野菜を補える野菜飲料です。
  • 200g


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