KODAWARI Family DIY Kimchi Kit / こだわり 手作りキムチ キット


Additive-free Kimchi no Moto (Kimchi Sauce) 1kg / 無添加 キムチの素

  • How to make the perfect kimchi: 1kg of kimchi sauce + 3-4kg of cabbage
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Hakusai (Chinese Cabbage) from Hokkaido (L size) 1/4 pc / 北海道産 白菜 × 6

  • Hakusai (Chinese Cabbage) from Nagano (L size)
  • Hakusai is popular in many parts of Asia, where it is often pickled.
  • You can make hakusai no sokusekizuke, or add them in your nabe :)
  • Amount: 1/4 pc

  • 長野 白菜
  • はるばる日本の農家さんから届いた新鮮で美味しい野菜を是非ご賞味ください。☺
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Enjoy some quality family time by making kimchi together!

How to make kimchi:

  1. Salt the cabbage
  2. Rinse and drain the cabbage
  3. Combine cabbage and the kimchi no moto
  4. Mix the kimchi
  5. Pack the kimchi in a jar or a container
  6. Let it ferment for 1-5 days
  7. Check it daily and refrigerate, then it is ready to eat!


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