Kyoto Takumi Daiginjo 720ml / 京都 匠 大吟醸 720ml

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  • Kyoto Takumi Daiginjo
  • Established 1918, Kyohime brewery located Kyoto/Fushimi and brewery ONLY Ginjo Sake with all hand made.Using most famous & premium sake rice “Yamada-Nishiki from Hyogo” Selected 100%.
  • The sweet aroma and richness are well balanced and easy to drink, so it is also recommended for women and beginners of Japanese sake.
  • Takumi goes well with not only Japanese food, but also French Italian and other international cuisine.
  • Takumi Daiginjo was awarded a gold prize by “The Fine SAKE Awards Japan”.
  • More and more people enjoy Sake in wine glasses now, and that situation is often seen as one of the new ways to enjoy Sake.
  • By drinking Sake with wine glasses, you could enjoy not only the taste but also the delicate flavor and color that sake has.
  • Polishing rate: 50%
  • Alcohol level: 15%
  • Volume: 720ml

  • 京都 匠 大吟醸
  • 創業100年、京都伏見で少量手造りの「吟醸酒専門蔵」として有名な京姫酒造が誇る「匠大吟醸」がシンガポール初登場!
  • 厳選した兵庫産山田錦を100%使用。低温発酵でゆっくりと丁寧に造られています。
  • 飲み飽きしない上品な吟醸香と、切れのある後味は食中酒にも最適。
  • 甘い香りとコクのバランスがよく飲みやすいので、女性や日本酒初心者にもおすすめです。
  • ワイングラスでおいしい日本酒アワード金賞受賞。
  • 精米歩合  : 50%
  • 720ml