Kyushu Wagyu Brisket Kiriotoshi (Off-cuts) ~0.3cm 200g / 九州和牛肩バラ 切り落とし

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  • Kyushu Wagyu Brisket Kiriotoshi
  • Averagely 200g per packet
  • Brisket is a cut of meat from the lower chest of the wagyu, which is famous for its well balance lean meat and fat (we’ve removed most of the fats for your enjoyment!)
  • Brisket cut has a lot of umami, so you definitely should try it out!
  • A mix of lean and marbled meats that gives a juicy and flavorful Kyushu wagyu brisket taste
  • Suitable for stir-fry with vegetables, making gyu dons and other Japanese dishes, definitely a staple you should have in your household!
  • Kindly note that the thickness of the kiriotoshi varies from slice to slice (averagely 0.3cm) as there’s no specific thickness for kiriotoshi
  • This is a frozen product

  • 九州和牛肩バラ 切り落とし
  • 200g


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