LOTTE Hokkaido Vanilla Bar 45ml x 10pcs / LOTTE バニラバー北海道

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  • A long-selling product of fun vanilla rubber with a plan that children can enjoy, using 100% dairy ingredients from Hokkaido.

  • 乳原料100%北海道産使用でおいしく、お子様が楽しめる企画付きの楽しいバニラバーのロングセラー商品。
  • 原材料: 乳製品(北海道製造)、砂糖、植物油脂、水あめ、異性化液糖/乳化剤、安定剤(増粘多糖類)、香料、カロチン色素


Dairy products (100% from Hokkaido), sugar, vegetable oils and fats, starch syrup, isomerized liquid sugar/emulsifiers, stabilizers (thickening polysaccharides), fragrances, carotene pigments


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