Masahiro Okinawa Gin 700ml / まさひろオキナワジン

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  • Masahiro Okinawa Gin
  • Brewer: Masahiro Sake Brewery
  • 6 kinds of botanicals: Shekwasha, Juniper berres, Guava leaves, Goya(bitter melons), Roselle, Pipats (Okinawan long peppers)
  • Masahiro’s Gin is using the features of each of our two single distillation pots and achieved its unreplaceable flavor.
  • This is also a result of our distillation technology accumulated over a century of Awamori making.
  • Enjoy it in 3 ways: With carbonated drinks, on the rock, cocktail
  • Alcohol level 47%
  • 700ml

  • まさひろオキナワジン
  • まさひろ酒造 / 沖縄


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