Nikka Coffey Vodka 700ml / Nikka Coffey ウォッカ

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  • Nikka Coffey Vodka
  • Brewer: Nikka Whisky Distillery
  • Coffey Vodka is a vodka with flavor and texture.
  • The secret behind this extremely smooth mouthfeel and delicate taste is the quality of Coffey distillates and the preciseness in blending.
  • Corn and barley are separately distilled into various batches with slight difference in ABV and taste profile.
  • These batches are carefully blended by experts and then refined with white birch charcoal. This vodka with zesty notes, rich sweetness and milky mouthfeel perfectly captures the exquisite fullness brought by the Coffey Still.
  • Alcohol level 40%
  • 700ml

  • Nikka Coffey ウォッカ


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