【CLEARANCE 50% OFF】Ohhori Convenient Oden Pack for 1-2pax (430g) / 大堀 おでん7種7品

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  • Easy to prepare! Leave the bag as it is: Put it in boiling water without opening the bag, and keep the water boiling for 5 minutes to warm it up
  • Packed with heat resistant packet, so it’s perfectly safe to drop them into boiling water!
  • If you prefer the conventional method, just unseal the bag and heat them up in a pot
  •  Please add octopus or mochi-filled octopus according to your taste.
  • Ingredients: Boiled egg, radish, gobo roll, fried satsuma, konjac, chikuwa, kelp, amino acid liquid seasoning, salt, sugar, bonito seasoning extract, protein hydrolyzate, fish sauce, processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.) , Sorbit, caramel color, Ca hydroxide (coagulant for konjac), (including eggs, wheat and soybeans as part of the raw materials)

  • 【お召し上がり方】袋のままで: 袋の封を切らずにそのまま沸騰しているお湯に入れ、5分間湯を沸騰させたまま、温めてお召し上がりください。
  • 鍋に移して: 袋の封を切り鍋にあけて温めてお召し上がりください。
  • ※お好みに応じてたこや、もち入りきんちゃく等を入れてお召し上がりください。
  • 【原材料】ゆで卵、大根、ごぼう巻、さつま揚げ、こんにゃく、ちくわ、昆布、アミノ酸液調味料、食塩、砂糖、かつお調味エキス、たんぱく加水文分解物、魚醤、加工でん粉、調味料(アミノ酸等)、ソルビット、カラメル色素、水酸化Ca(こんにゃく用凝固剤)、(原材料の一部に卵、小麦、大豆を含む


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