Omi Wagyu “Sawai Hime Beef” Shoulder Clod (Yakiniku) 200g / 近江牛「澤井姫和牛」ウデ肉・焼肉カット

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  • Omi Wagyu “Sawai Hime Beef” Shoulder Clod for Yakiniku
  • Averagely 200g per packet
  • All Omi Beef provided by KODAWARI are “Sawai Hime Wagyu” that is purchased directly from the ranch under a contract with Mr. Sawai from Ryuo Town, Shiga Prefecture.
  • Shiga Prefecture is located on Honshu island, the home of he largest freshwater like (Lake Biwa) and famous for their highest standard cattle.
  • “Sawai Hime Wagyu” comes from heifers that have not give birth, which by default makes Omi Hime Beef more flavorful compared to other Japanese wagyu meat, specifically sweeter.
  • The Omi Beef raised at Sawai ranch, where the meat quality is fine and soft and the texture is silky.
  • It is the highest quality brand and name is only given to cows that have cleared the standard of beef, which is the motto of Sawai Ranch.
  • Deliver in frozen condition

  • KODAWARI SG で提供する近江牛は全て、滋賀県竜王町の澤井牧場さんと契約し、牧場から直接仕入れている“澤井姫和牛”です。
  • “澤井姫和牛”とは、澤井牧場で飼育する近江牛の中でも飼育が難しい代わりに、肉質がきめ細かく柔らかく、舌触りが絹の様だと比喩されることもある処女牛、いわゆる「雌牛」のみに限定し澤井牧場が目指している、食べて美味しい牛肉としての基準をクリアした雌牛だけが名乗る最高品質ブランドです。
  • 冷凍状態でお届けいたします


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