Plant-based (Soybean) Hamburger Patty from Hokkaido 70g x 6pcs / プラントハンバーグ

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  • Plant-based (Soybean) Hamburger Patty
  • Product origin: Hokkaido
  • Manufactured by Cosmo Japan from Hokkaido (株式会社コスモジャパン)
  • Amount: 70g x 6 pieces
  • Ingredient list: 豆乳発酵食品 (国内製造)Soybean Fermenter Food (Product in domestic), 玉ねぎ Onion, 植物油脂 Vegetable Oil & Fat, 粒状大豆たん白 Protein made from Grain Soybean, 粉末状大豆たん白 Protein made from Powder Soybean, 醤油 Soy Sauce, マッシュルームエキスMushroom Extract, 食塩 Salt, 昆布パウダー Seaweed Powder, 油脂加工物 Processed Foods from Fat & Oil, ブラックペッパー Black Pepper, トレハロース Trehalose, 糊料 Thickener, 増粘多糖類 Thickening Polysaccharides, メチルセルロース Cellulose Methyl Ether, 加工デンプン Processing Starch, 調味料 Spices, アミノ酸 Amino Acid, 着色料 Colouring, カラメル Caramel, ココア Cocoa, 増粘剤 Thickener, 加工澱粉 Processing Starch, グリシン Glycine, 塩化マグネシウム含有物 Magnesium Chloride, 安定剤 Fixture or Stabilization Agent, 増粘多糖類 Thickening Polysaccharides, PH調整剤 PH Adjuster, 乳化剤 Emulsifier, (一部に小麦・大豆を含む)(Included in Wheat and Soybean for a part)
  • Will be delivered in frozen condition


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