【EXCLUSIVE】Potato & Yam Set / 芋セット  天ぷら人気具材


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Featuring a selection of yam and potatoes from Japan! Create some classic Kaiseki Ryori, stir fry some potatoes for bentos, or sautee some yam for dinner, have it your way 🙂

  • Nagasaki Seasonal Potatoes AL Size
    • Firm and doesn’t crumbles easily when cut, you can use it to make all kinds of tasty dishes!
    • 5 pieces per bag
  • Shizuoka Ebi Taro (Ebi Imo/Shrimp Potato)
    • A kind of taro from Shizuoka, Japan
    • Has a fine texture and often used to make Kaiseki-ryori (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner)
    • 2 pieces per bag

  • 長崎 新じゃがいも AL Size
    • 【規格・入数】~5pcs/包
  • 静岡 海老芋
    • 里芋の一種で、そり返った形と横しまがえびに似ているのが名前の由来です。
    • 肉質のきめが細かく、懐石料理の食材として重宝されています。
    • 【規格・入数】2pcs/包


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