Roughly Grated Wasabi / こだわりの伊豆の山葵屋カメヤ わさび粗おろし 静岡県産わさび使用


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  • Roughly Grated Wasabi
  • Amount: 42g

  • 日本料理の名脇役「わさび」わさびの香気の辛みはお刺身、寿司、酢のもの、そば等、日本料理にかかせません
  • 辛さと香りが身上のワサビ
  • ワサビにこだわると伊豆の山葵屋カメヤのおろし本わさびに決まります
  • 伊豆天城山の伏流水や富士山の湧水はわさびに適した栄養素を豊富に含んでいます
  • この水が良質なわさびを育てます
  • 【規格・入数】42g
  • 伊豆天城山の伏流水や富士山の湧水はわさびに適した栄養素を豊富に含んでいます。この水が良質なわさびを育てます。


  • Focus on Wasabi Products

High-quality wasabi grown in our own farm at the skirts of Mt. Amagi in Izu. The top three keys to wasabi production are water, seedlings and management. Mt. Amagi is one of the five places with the greatest precipitation in Japan and the abundant rainwater permeates the pumice layer and springs out as water rich in nutrients and oxygen. It is 12 to 13 ℃ throughout the year. With all the favourable factors, we are able to product the tastiest wasabi in Japan, giving us a great advantage in our products.

  • Launch of Farming

The farmland on the western hill of Mt. Hakone has long been a production site for quality vegetables. Kameya Foods launched farming on our own Kameya Farm in 2012 to produce vegetables and pickles known under the brand name of Hakone Seiroku Vegetables. We mainly grow wasabi, daikon radish and ginger while improving the soil and making every other effort to produce better vegetables.

  • Production with Great Care

Kameya Foods has three production sites—the Head Office Factory for pickles manufacturing and Factory II for the wasabi cleaning and cutting process, both located in Shimizucho, and Heiseidai Factory for wasabi products production in Mishima. Even though we are equipped with the latest technology, many of the production processes are still handled manually to produce better and tasty products.


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