Maru Nasu (Round Eggplant) ~300g (1pc) / 丸茄子 【Delivers on Fri & Sat | 金曜日&土曜日配達分受付中】

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  • Maru Nasu/Round Eggplant from Japan
  • Due to its species, it does not absorb as much oil as compared to other eggplants when frying, so it’s really good for tempura!
  • You can also make them into pickled eggplants with mustard 😀
  • Weight: ~300g per piece

  • 手のひらサイズで持ち心地よし、そんなサイズ肉質は、ち密でよく締まり歯ざわりよし。
  • 果肉がしまっており味噌漬け、揚げ物などに。
  • 田楽や煮物でお召し上がりください。


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