【SEASONAL】Shine Muscat from Japan / シャインマスカット 【Delivers on Thurs & Fri | 木曜日 金曜日配達分受付中】

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  • Shine Muscat from Japan
  • Japanese muscat grapes are larger than the average grape and have an oval to oblong shape, growing in tightly packed, medium-sized bunches
  • The skin is taut, smooth, and glossy, ranging in color from bright green, pink, to red, depending on the specific variety
  • Underneath the surface, the flesh is generally translucent, soft, aqueous, and nearly seedless, though some varieties may contain a few, small undeveloped seeds
  • Japanese muscat grapes have a crisp, snap-like quality followed by a soft, juicy consistency
  • The grapes have high sugar content
  • Mainly known for their sweet, floral flavor with notes of tropical fruits, honey, and musk
  • ~400g per pack
  • 食べたことのない人はほとんど全員が驚きます!そして一度食べると、必ずファンになってしまいます。
  • そのまんま食べられるのです!甘くて種なしで、口にも残らない外皮!
  • 糖度は20度以上になることもあるという驚きのぶどう!



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