Suntory Iyemon Green Tea 525ml / サントリー緑茶 伊右衛門 贅沢仕込み525g

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  • Suntory Iyemon Green Tea
  • Focusing on the “fragrance” that customers demand from green tea, as well as the “richness and depth” of green tea.
  • By using “stone milled matcha” that has been carefully brewed in cold water and then slowly brewing “fragrant tea leaves * 1” at a low temperature, a refreshing aroma and a refreshing taste have been achieved.

  • 緑茶の「コク・深み」と同様にお客さまが緑茶に求める「香り」に着目。
  • 冷水でじっくりと淹れて仕上げた水出しの“石臼挽き抹茶”を使用するとともに、“香り茶葉※1”を低温でじっくりと淹れることで、清々しい香りとすっきりとした味わいを実現しました。


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