Suntory Natchan Shio Pine 425ml / なっちゃん 塩パイン (冷凍兼用)

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  • As a cool summer snack drink that parents and children can enjoy, it is popular with many customers every year.
  • It is a product that can deliciously replenish salt, iron, and hydration with the fresh taste of pineapple and the functional design that takes into consideration the time of sweating.
  • * The equivalent amount of salt recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Japan as a measure against heat stroke is 0.1 to 0.2 g / 100 ml.
  • 425ml

  • 親子で楽しめる夏のひんやりおやつ飲料として、毎年多くのお客様からご好評をいただいています。
  • パインのみずみずしい味わいと、発汗時を考慮した機能設計で、おいしく塩分・鉄分・水分補給ができる商品です。
  • ※厚生労働省が熱中症対策として推奨している食塩相当量は0.1~0.2g/100mlです。


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