【RARE】Taranome (Japanese Angelica Tree) from Yamagata 50g / タラ芽

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  • The ‘king of mountain vegetables’, taranome are the roots from Japanese Angelica Tree
  • Highly bitter in their raw state, tara no me must be boiled in water or soaked and cooked before eating to remove any astringency
  • They are not only delicious but also highly nutritious, and are typically eaten battered and fried in tempura
  • Amount: 50g

  • 「天然たらの芽」は、多くの山菜の中でも定番のクセのないとってもおいしい食材です。
  • 別名「山菜の王様」とも言われます。
  • 天ぷらがとてもおいしいですが、お浸しにしてもおいしいです。


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