TOKYO Z1 (Sake) / TOKYO Z1(本醸造酒)180ml

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  • TOKYO Z1 Sake
  • Product origin: Ozawa Sake Brewery, long-established brewery since 1702
  • Refreshing and well-balanced, a suitable sake for both sake-beginners and experienced-drinkers
  • Recommended dish for TOKYO Z1 Sake: Fresh oysters, cheese platter and spicy dishes
  • You can drink it either chilled or warm
  • Alcohol level: 15%
  • Volume: 180ml

  • TOKYO Z1
  • 本醸造酒 内容量 :180ml
  • 原材料名:米(日本産米)、米麹(日本産米)、醸造アルコール
  • 製造者:小沢酒造株式会社 東京都青梅市
  • 精米歩合:65% アルコール分:15%


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