Vegan Noodle Dandan Noodles / ヴィーガンヌードル 担担麺

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ヴィーガンヌードル 担担麺


Noodles (flour, salt, soybean dietary fiber), soup (sesame, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, yeast extract, soybean plate soy sauce, onion powder, spices, flavor oil, bean noodle soy sauce, protein hydrolyzate, shiitake extract), or Yaku (chinen cabbage, sesame, granular soy protein, green soybeans, spices) / kansui, thickening polysaccharides, caramel pigments, antioxidants (vitamin E), acidulants, capsicum pigments, spice extracts, (partially wheat / (Including sesame and soybean)


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