【SEASONAL】Yanagi Matsutake Mushrooms from Nagano 100g / 柳松茸 

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  • Although the name has “Matsutake”, it is not a relative of the king of mushrooms, “Matsutake”, but a mushroom of the Bolbitiaceae family, and its taste is completely different
  • The handle of the willow matsutake mushroom is taut, and when you cut it with a kitchen knife, it feels like it cracks, and when you chew it, you can enjoy a crispy and very firm texture
  • In addition, although it has no peculiar taste, it feels unsatisfactory in terms of umami and flavor, so it is recommended to mix it with other mushrooms to make the best use of the texture.
  • 100g per pack

  • 名前に「松茸」と付いていますが、キノコの王様「松茸」とは親戚でもなく、オキナタケ科のキノコで、その食味も全く違います。
  • 柳松茸の柄は張りがあり、包丁で切る時パリッと割れるような感じがし、噛むとシャキシャキととてもしっかりとした歯触りが楽しめます。
  • また、味的にはクセが無いのが取り柄ですが、旨みや風味の点では物足りなさを感じるので、他のキノコと混ぜて使う事で食感を活かすと良いでしょう。


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