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In celebration of our upcoming 1 year anniversary, we are excited to finally announce that WAKEARI is now officially KODAWARI!

WAKEARI has been in Singapore for some time since 2016 (a subsidiary of Superdining Pte Ltd), and we supply to numerous Japanese restaurants and cafes in the country (Rengaya @ Chijmes, Marugen, Edo Sushi, Men Men Don Don etc). We are always seeking for the best when it comes to product quality, and which is also why that we decided to rebrand WAKEARI to KODAWARI.

We don’t only want to bring you the best deals, we want to focus on quality and your well-being as well.

You’ll see that it’s not just that we are changing our logo, but we are changing the layout and how we further categorize our products. We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from you during the past year, and we hope that with these changes, we are able to serve you better!

So, what’s changed?

Actually, not much. You can still get your favourite ready-to-cook dishes and produces that are previously available from WAKEARI over here. The only difference is that we will be bringing in more organic and quality produces from Japan, as currently we have quite a handful of farmers and fishermen across Japan that are interested to share their fresh agricultural products with you!

Your existing WAKEARI points will be carried forward to KODAWARI as well!

WAKEARI is a brand that we’ve been managing since August 2020 (it’s our pandemic baby!) and we are very grateful for all the support from you!

With KODAWARI, we hope to serve you more by bringing in fresher and quality products from Japan to you!

To commemorate this special occasion, enjoy 50% off on Hokkaido Scallops (Nama Hotate) from 26th July until end of August!

Looking forward to see you in our store real soon!



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