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WAKEARI You Ask We Answer: Why Should You Preorder Meat?

We’ve received some questions from you guys recently regarding the difference between Preorder Meat and the usual Meat & Poultry products on WAKEARI.

We want to be transparent with you regarding the differences, so today, we will be addressing the difference between the both of them 😀

Standard Meat & Poultry Products

For standard non-preorder meat produces, once we are running out of stock, our Central Kitchen will receive an order to process meat for restocking. The meat and poultry will be processed, cut and packaged, then store in our frozen warehouse. Once you drop an order we will then pick them up from the warehouse and deliver them to you.

Preorder Meat

For preorder meat, we will launch preorders 1-3 weeks before the meat processing schedule. We will then stop taking orders 2-3 days before the delivery date and will only prepare the cuts 1-3 days before delivery.

At this point, you might be wondering: So what’s the difference other than the time difference between processing to delivery?

So that you get the best meat quality we can provide! 

Red meat such as fresh beef and wagyu will have a natural purplish color thanks to the myoglobin in the meat, however, it will turn slightly dark or pale brown over time in our frozen warehouse because they are not exposed to oxygen after sealing. Do note that they are still safe to consume even though they have a slight change of color, which is quite a normal scene for fresh products.

It’s just that if you are planning to have a dinner party or preparing a fancy meal for a special occasion, well, I bet everyone would prefer to have a prettier slab of meat to fit the occasion 😀

Also to answer some of your frequently-asked-questions about meat:

Q: How to know if meat has turned bad?

A: Meat infected with bacteria will emit a very weird odor, and it will become sticky and slimy upon touch. (Don’t worry as we will check before delivery to ensure that you get quality meat 🙂

Q: Will preorder meat be delivered chilled or frozen?

A: The meat will still be delivered in frozen condition since we are living in Singapore (a country that comes with a humid weather 24-7, 365 days a year), however the color of the meat will be well preserved as they were recently cut.

Q: What’s the schedule for preorder meat?

A: As we were also supplying meat for numerous restaurants (Rengaya @ Chijmes, Men Men Don Don etc), we are currently set to open for preorders twice a month, so you can plan ahead!

In WAKEARI, we always strive to provide you with the best that we have, which is why from now, you are able to purchase fresher meat with better cuts from us!

This is also more convenient for those who have limited storage, as you can preorder beforehand and just get them delivered after!

Check out our Meat Preorder Line Up!